About Amino Co.

Amino Co. is a new age company at the cutting-edge of the bodybuilding, sports and fitness industry.

We manufacture the renowned supplement formula All IN. The highest grade product that have been produced with the most modern and technologically advanced production techniques combined with 7 years of research and development.



  • To offer the highest-grade of bodybuilding supplements by ensuring strict norms in sourcing of high-quality products
  • To offer supplements that are affordable to all classes of buyers, by manufacturing our own range of products and selling them directly to consumers
  • To educate people on nutrition, supplements, and how to incorporate them into their diet to maximise gains


  • The finest ingredients used to manufacture the products.
  • Customer buys directly from the manufacturer which ensures we know and oversee everything that goes into our products.
  • Unmatched price for quality
  • First class customer service and logistics.