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Bodybuilding Is A Life Style

Professional or Recreational Body-building has become increasingly popular in the last two decades. Body-builders who are passionate about the sport and take it seriously, are constantly seeking information on training techniques and diet in order to derive the best results.

To achieve your bodybuilding goals in the quickest possible time frame, whether it be to gain muscle mass or to lean out, you must implement a diet that consists of a good ratio of macro nutrients and amino acids along with a suitable workout routine.

Body-building supplements eliminate the hassle in ensuring a great diet required for body-building. Supplement manufacturers like Amino Co research the science involved in muscle mass building, thoroughly, before introducing a product. These products combine the best benefits of various muscle-building supplement categories such as protein, amino acids and weight-loss products.

This way, the supplement ensures the body’s cellular and hormonal responses are improved, and muscle mass is built more efficiently, without any risks or perceived harm from the product. That is why; over the years, body-building supplements have emerged as the most important factor in a body-builder’s success.

Amino Co understands the enormous trust that body-builders place on their supplement. Our extensive field research, R&D, and intensive testing ensure we bring you cost-effective products that you can rely on, to gain the results you seek.

About us

Amino Co. fuels Australian bodybuilders with premium supplements.

Australia is strong and beautiful. To fully understand our land down under you have to tune out the bustle of everyday life, pause and enjoy the uniqueness of it all. We see bodybuilding through that same lens, not as a fad or a hobby, but rather a commitment, a way of life. A deep appreciation for strength and hard work, a personal commitment to pushing further than you ever have and then pushing even further still. It’s the same journey. It’s the same story.

And that is why all of our resources are focused on bringing Australian bodybuilders supplements in their purest form that can be stacked together to help them achieve their highest potential. More than anyone else, Australian bodybuilders know they need world-class supplements to compliment their hard work and training routines.

We are completely Australian owned and operated. For us there will never be another way.


Amino Co.’s vision is to see Australian bodybuilders dominating stages worldwide.

So we focus all of our resources to bring Australian bodybuilders the top-notch supplements they need to help them craft the perfect physique. We will become Australia’s leading bodybuilding supplement supplier. We will lead on price and quality. We will support Australian bodybuilders in every way we can.


  • To offer the highest-grade of bodybuilding supplements by ensuring strict norms in sourcing of high-quality products
  • To offer supplements that are affordable to all classes of buyers, by manufacturing our own range of products and selling them directly to consumers
  • To educate people on nutrition, supplements, and how to incorporate them into their diet to maximise gains


  • The finest ingredients used to manufacture the products.
  • Customer buys directly from the manufacturer which ensures we know and oversee everything that goes into our products.
  • Prices that are more competitive than what is found in Retail stores.
  • First class customer service and logistics.

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